Never have I thought that Adele Laurie could turn this sexy someday.

Well, I still remember her glass-shaped figure and chubby face, but today, I see a total different girl with no traces of her yesterday’s appearance.

Adele Weight Loss

Of course, change is good, specifically when it is associated with the betterment of health.

Adele kick start her career at a very tender age.

The moment her first album, 19 got released; the starlet started to climb the ladders of success.

Today, her name comes under the category of most famous British singers and songwriters.


Adele weight loss triggered mixed reaction. While some of her fans were too happy, others were simply confused.

Basically, Adele’s behavior has always depicted body positivity and the singer too, on many counts, has expressed her unwillingness to trim down.

Once she quoted: ‘I make music for the ears and not the eyes’.

Hence, her unexpected transformation was more of a shock for her audience.


While the Hello singer was approached to discover what pushed her for such a positive change, she chose to be honest.

For her, weight loss does not mean turning oneself into alluring and so, she did not lose weight for the purpose.

Neither, did she aim to become size zero.

Her motive behind slimming was to prepare herself for the world tour scheduled ahead.

She required a high level of stamina which was merely possible by kicking off her unhealthy weight.

Age: 29
Height: 1.75m (5.7”)
Weight loss: 2 stones
Weight before weight loss: 187lbs.


Adele weight loss transformationHer fans are surely curious to know how Adele lose weight.

garcinia cambogia and apple cider vinegar pills can suppress stress the drive for emotional eating.

Thankfully, the global superstar did not apply some hard and fast science.

She did what most of us do to shape up.

That is, by making dietary changes and moving to the gym.

However, her diet was not about portion control or healthy eating choices, but, was different.

Adele diet was a plan that involves the intake of plant-based foods.

It is specifically aimed for the dieters who desire to lose weight and firm up their body.

The plan is generally known as Sirtfood diet.

Apart from the slimming effects, few researches on the plan suggest that it can also cause anti-ageing effects.

The diet enables a high supply of phytonutrients that are too fortifying and healthy for us. But, Adele did not just work on her diet, but also paid equal emphasis on her workout.

Adele workout was assisted and administered by Pete Geracimo, a well-versed trainer who has also trained many other famous celebrities.

He planned a program that was meant to correspond with her diet and generate optimal results from the combination.

According to Geracimo, he would make her do weightlifting and circuit training. Other exercise Adele was directed to perform was on cable machine.

It was meant to target her entire body and so that she can firm up from everywhere.

But in spite of following her sessions regularly, Adele claims not to be in love with exercises at all.

She is not a workout fanatic and does not enjoy her time in the gym. Nonetheless, an exercise that keeps up her interest level is weight lifting.


In addition to the dietary changes and making regular visits to the gym, Adele made some other lifestyle changes.

Adele before and after weight loss

Surprisingly, the singing sensation was badly addicted to drinking tea.

The addiction was so intense that the girl would sip in some 10 cups of tea a day, with two spoons of sugar in every cup. This would add up to twenty spoons of sugar in total, which was of course, very much unhealthy and unfavorable for her weight loss goals.

Considering it a bad habit, Adele overcame it immediately.

Apart from drinking excessive amount of tea, the mother of one was also involved in tobacco smoking.

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Adele, in order to get into a good shape and stay safe from cigarette related complications, bid her smoking habit, adieu!

By quitting all her bad habits, Adele has definitely chosen a healthy life; however, Simon Konecki lady love has now developed a rather serious habit that is fueled by her womanly instinct!

Well, since Adele looks all-beautiful and attractive now, she fits in beautiful attires easily.

For this reason, she keeps on ‘shopping and shopping’!


Adele before and after photos seems too motivating. She has worked hard and is enjoying the outcomes.

Adele weight loss before and after photos 2018

Talking about her transformation, the popular singer expressed her pleasure to feel beautiful and energetic after a very long time.

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She has no plans of losing hold on herself or gaining back the pounds she lost after a great struggle.

Those who want a scoop of her ongoing can connect to her through her Instagram and Twitter account.